Pedicure Safety - 4 Signs Of Sanitation and Cleanliness

By: Kady Simmons - Haircutting Specialist, Nail Therapist - South Congress Location

Many people have issues with going to pedicure salons because they hear the stories where people contract infections.   There should be cause for concern because not all nail salons are careful when it comes to sanitation. As a nail therpaist at MFX, I understand the obligation we have to our clients to ensure the safety of their health. We follow strict guidelines issued by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.   I'd like to share with you 4 things to look for when getting a pedicure to ensure that you're not compromising your health when doing so:

1) Here's the most obvious sign: Make sure the place is clean! Overall, if the shop environment is clean, usually everything else is as well.

2) Watch closely how the nail therapists interact with you and other clients. Are they pulling new and clean utensils out of sanitized bags or ovens for each service? Most reputable nail salons will have multiple sets of nail implements that can be cycled through the sterilization process. A typical salon may have up to twenty sets of nail implements, allowing enough time between nail services to sterilize equipment before they are used again in another service.

3) Are the nail therapists wearing gloves? Check to make sure they take them off before touching anything or someone else.  If they do touch something other than your feet, pay particular attention whether they change their gloves or not.

4) This is a big one: Inspect the jacuzzi tubs! Make sure that they are clean and that there is no residue from the previous pedicure. Pedicure tubs should be filled with some sort of disinfectant and allowed to soak for at least 15 minutes before they can be used for the next client. Additionally, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation code requires that salons and spas document every pedicure in a log book along with sanitation checklists to follow for each pedicure service. Ask to see this log if you are unsure whether the sinks have been sanitized or not.

I recently went to a spa with a good friend of mine where the employee worked on us at the same time. We were fine with it but she never changed her gloves or switched utensils. Even though I know my friend doesn’t have any weird aliment to be concerned about, I was bothered by this.   I started to think to myself: What if my friend had been someone else instead?  What if my friend had some sort of fungus that I didn’t know about? Do they do this all the time? I knew better but I didn’t say anything.   If you find yourself in this predicament, you should say something.  Remember, you are going there for a service and are paying for it.   Speak up if you think something might be wrong. If you don’t say anything now you could pay for it later with a trip to the doctor’s office and some pricey special medication that you are embarrassed to purchase. Pay attention and don’t be afraid to ask questions.   I promise, you really don’t want to pay for it later.

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