New Years Makeup tips

Around the holidays, everyone seems to be going to a party and at a loss for a new way to make their makeup pop. It can be difficult to do something dramatic and new with your makeup, especially if you stick to a specific color range. If you're used to neutrals, neutrals are what you know, and what you're comfortable with. We're here to help. This season, the best way to do something fun and new with your makeup is to give it a pop of dramatic color. But if neutral and "not too much" is your status quo, that can be intimidating. How do you combine the two? Our suggestion is to do exactly what you would normally do with your makeup, but find a spot to insert a more dramatic color.


ft130125_r7_crop_LoresMelinda and I sat down today to come up with some winter makeup ideas. We did some every day transitions to explain our point. Melinda came into work today with a brown smokey eye, nothing too dramatic. I decided to give her a pop of color with the Aveda winter collection. A deep purple liner, followed with a purple shadow to set it, and a light gold to bring out the brow bone and blend it all together. The effect is a traditional smokey eye with a bit of drama, but still soft, feminine, and definitely not overwhelming.
The idea here is to blend, blend BLEND. Most over-dramatic and too-intense eye makeup tends to be more lined and less soft. If you blend a dramatic color with something more neutral and calm, it has a balancing effect which lends itself to an evening look without feeling as though you don't look like yourself.ft130905_r3_crop_LoresI came into work today with my cat-eye black liner and soft, barely there, shadow. Not a bit of lip color. Melinda decided she'd try the Aveda winter collection's red lip color. She softly lined my lip with the red petals lip liner, using a brush to blend the line before applying the redwood lip stick. Using a lip brush instead of applying the color straight to your lip gives you the ability to be more accurate with your line as well as blending as you go. To finish, she ran a bit of light powder around the lip to define it more and clean up the line even more.  This is a very dramatic lip. You can get the same color without the same intensity by applying the color softly over the lip and avoiding lining it too intensely. Blotting with a tissue is essential to avoid lipstick in your teeth and feathering. With your lip color, the main thing to remember is to choose one aspect of the face to accentuate. Avoid mixing a dramatic eye with a dramatic lip unless you want a LOT of drama.ft130790_r3_crop_LoresMost important thing to remember when you're experimenting with makeup is that if you want to look different, you have to change something. The fun thing about makeup is you can try something new, and if you aren't a fan, within a few seconds you can take it off and start over. We encourage you to have a little fun, play with makeup, and walk on the wild side this New Year's. Swing by the salon and lets have some fun with hair & makeup!   -  Melinda
We hope this helps! We had fun coming up with the ideas and we hope you have fun trying them. We're always available for consultations, and I'd love to see pictures if you guys try our ideas, or bring us your own! I can't wait to see what you guys come up with, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! - Ellie




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