Meet Natasha Tatter

•Job Title: Haircutting Specialist at South Lamar

•Hometown: I was born in Espanola.  I grew up traveling between Austin and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

•School: I went to Texas State University for undergrad and graduated from The Aveda Institute here in Austin, TX.

•What I'm looking forward to in the next year: I have learned so much in the last year.  I am excited to continue to hone my skills and grow my community in this industry.

•My favorite part of the job: The people and the artistic outlet.  The work is dynamic and rewarding!

•What attracted me to the industry: I grew up in a tight community of artists.  I wanted a career that allowed me to be creative and continue to learn.  I prefer work that centers around people.  I love being part of an industry that promotes self care and confidence!


•My favorite cutting technique: I love doing bobs and men's cuts!

Little know facts about me: I started doing yoga when I was 7 years old!