MFX uses shared value of "creativity" as foundation for local photo shoot

Gwen Stefani as inspiration for photo shoot. Photo:

At Maximum FX Salon Spa, our team shares ten common company values that we believe best govern the way we function and how we strive to conduct ourselves with each other and our clients. One of those values is “creativity.” We believe that this core value fosters our passion and individuality, while continuously inspiring others and ourselves. This month, we have chosen to celebrate this value in the form of a photo shoot!

At the beginning of the month, our team divided into several smaller groups and randomly drew a photo of a pop icon. Each icon would become each team’s inspiration for the shoot. After a month of searching for models and collaborating to create a complete look that best embodies each group’s inspiration, the models from each team will be photographed this Monday, January 31st, by local Austin photographer Steven Noreyko. Finally, the final photo chosen by each team will be displayed at each salon location where our clients can vote for their favorite.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participating models for your enthusiasm and cooperation, and photographer Steven Noreyko for his artful guidance. For more information on his photography and other information, please visit his website. We also invite you to visit your closest MFX salon location to see each team’s final product and cast your vote!

We hope that we have inspired you to celebrate your own creativity and that you will stay tuned until next month for our next shared value.

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