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    Summer Fashion in ATX

      The Texas summer is not the time for elaborate outfits, but light and loose simple styles that beg to be accessorized! This dress is the perfect staple for multiple looks. And at $15 from H&M, its a must.

  • New Dry Remedy Oil Quenches Even the Driest, Parched Hair!

    Every once and a while a new product comes out that completely changes everything.  For me that product is the new Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil.  I received a sample of this oil a few months ago and I am amazed by how much it has changed my hair!  Only 2 drops of the oil used on wet or dry hair adds tons of shine and moisture.  I was surprised that my hair behaved so much better when blowdrying and when I straightened it with a hot tool my hair had so much more shine and...

  • 2013 Fall Fashion 101

    It's time again to start asking "What is hot this fall?"  The good news is many of the trends for fall 2013 are repeats from last year's trend report but with new styling or colors.  A few new additions to the wardrobe will have your ready for fall in no time! Check out what models were sporting on the runways so you can be ready for the cooler days ahead! Leather:  The leather trend has been hot for a few years now so don't put the leather away yet!  Look for pieces inspired...

  • Aveda Congress Kills Hairstyle Boredom

    One of the reasons clients choose to leave their longtime stylist is boredom.  Years of the "same as last time" song and dance leave clients uninspired and eager to find someone who will give them that "wow" factor all over again. So how do stylists inspire themselves, which inspires their clients?

  • I'm Engaged - What NOW?! A Salon FAQ for Brides

    As Maximum FX's wedding planner I have a lot of brides ask me a lot of questions!  Here are a few of the most common questions brides have about their wedding hair, skin, and makeup. When should I call to make my appointment?

  • What's Happening for Fall

    By: Leigh EllingtonHere in Austin it seems like Fall is a million years away but that doesn't mean you can't start dreaming about Fall fashion!  This time of year is my favorite.  I have always loved the Fall staples like boots, tights, scarves, and jackets.

  • 5 Things to Look for when Purchasing a Blow Dryer

       By Leigh Ellington Every once and a while I will be helping a client with our smoothing products, letting them know how our Smooth Infusion line helps combat frizz and smooth out wave and curl and I will get the best compliment! Clients will will say, "Well, your hair doesn't need that.  It's so smooth." Whenever I hear this I always laugh.

  • Stressed? Join the club!

    Last week I was making the trek home during rush hour and I found that the littlest thing was sending me into a blind rage!  After screaming in my car about proper merging etiquette, I came to the realization that I was beyond stressed!  While driving can be a stressful experience, especially here in Austin, the stress from my everyday life had finally sent me over the edge and the red Volvo in front of me was going to hear about it!  If you are like me stress is a normal part of ...

  • Wooden Shoe like to know? New OPI nail colors have arrived!

    By: Courtney Ellington Here at South Congress we are all very excited about the fun, new Holland collection from OPI! Featuring 12 new OPI shades, it is definitely one of my favorite collections in a long time! Recently I have noticed clients sporting bolder and more visually intriguing nail colors.

  • 3 Reasons Why It's Okay To "Cheat" On Your Stylist Or Colorist

    By Courtney Ellington, Aveda Mentor How about a taboo topic to start off the week? Before the hate mail begins to flow, allow me to clarify one thing. Yes, this blog is about trying other team members and why it is okay.