Meet Melissa Pittman

•Job Title:  Hair Cutting Specialist at Circle C Ranch

•Hometown: Austin, TX

•School:  The Aveda Institue, Austin, TX

•What I'm looking forward to in the next year:  Growing as an individual in my personal life and in my career.  I look forward to being someone who makes my guests feel taken care of.

•My favorite part of the job:  Making my clients feel better not only with their physical appearance but also acknowledging their inner beauty and balance.  I do my very best to give a relaxing service, because we all need to slow down, relax and take a moment for our well being.


•Little known facts about me:  Along with hair cutting I also love working on editorial projects; doing models hair and makeup for photo shoots.  I enjoy hiking. I have a Siberian Husky.  I can get down with a lot of different genres of music.  And in some free time I enjoy drawing/painting, practicing hula hooping, thrifting, and checking out foodie places in Austin!