Make-up artist, Roshar, visits MFX!

Roshar used Tabitha, Circle C Manager, as his model for his class.

On Wednesday, May 11, Maximum FX Salons Spas was lucky enough to have the honor of make-up artist, Roshar, visiting the salon to teach an editorial make-up class to its staff. According to his website, Roshar began his career at a young age, eventually paying his rent by doing all of his roommate’s make-up as payment! Since that humble beginning, he has established his legacy by working with beauty industry staples such as Paul Mitchell, CoverGirl, Harper Collins Publishing and even famed make-up artist to the stars, Kabuki. Although he presently works in Los Angeles and NYC, he made a trip to Austin and taught the stylists at MFX techniques for applying make-up to be photographed, tips for brush usage and the how-to’s of freelance make-up artistry.

Before his class, many of the MFX staff did not know that editorial make-up must be heavy; the flash of a camera can mute almost 30% of it! Some stylists weren’t sure how or for what to use certain brushes. Most had no idea how to begin their own career as a freelance make-up artist. Roshar answered all of these questions and many more during his class. While every stylist enjoyed the display, they learned even more. And now, when clients have their wedding pictures (or wedding day), graduation photos or a modeling photo shoot, the stylists at MFX will be even better equipped in providing stellar make-up services- all thanks to Roshar!

The master with his masterpiece.

Learning – We believe through constant learning we gain inspiration and excitement which promotes confidence and growth. Education keeps us moving forward to success.

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