Looking Picture Perfect this Holiday Season

Looking Picture Perfect This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. No matter where you go, you will inevitably be bombarded with, “smile!”, “just one more”, “say cheese!” and so goes the Holiday picture taking season. The good news is this year you’ll be ready. You’ve already got your perfect party outfit planned and you’ve made sure to get your hair and nails done, no doubt at MaximumFX of course! So what’s missing? Knowing how to accentuate all that fabulousness to ensure that you look just as gorgeous in pictures, as you do in real life.

Go into the light!

Try to find soft natural lighting if possible. Lighting that completely surrounds you or comes from the sides is best. Good lighting will give you flawless looking skin because it will light up any shadows you may have and increase your skins radiance. Avoid lights that shine down directly from over head though, as this will increase shadows. Another light source that you should try your best to avoid is the camera flash. It’s never flattering. If you can’t avoid it, try taking the picture with a piece of cellophane over the flash to diffuse it.

Bye-bye double chin.

Ugh, the dreaded double chin effect! Probably one of the most feared photo faux pas there is can be easily remedied. First, make sure that the lens of the camera is at least eye level to you if not a little higher. Then, you’ll want to tilt your head down slightly while sticking your chin out about an inch further than normal. This may feel weird, but it will elongate your neck and banish the dreaded double chin. If your photographer is shorter than you, don’t be afraid to ask to take the picture sitting down.


Is this my best side?

Believe it or not, everybody has a side that appears more attractive to others. Traditionally, most people find the left side of one another’s faces to be the most attractive. When taking your pictures, turn your head slightly to the right to expose more of the left side to the camera while keeping your eyes straight ahead. Not only will this expose your “attractive side”, it will slim your face by forcing people to look top to bottom rather than side to side.


Eyes wide shut.

Finally you’ve nailed the perfect picture only to realize your eyes are shut. It’s almost like a reflex that makes you close your eyes on the count of 3. The best way to avoid this phenomenon is to trick yourself. Keep your head down and your eyes shut. As the photographer counts to 3, start lifting your head and smiling as you bring your head up and open your eyes on 3. Perfect, relaxed smile with open eyes every time! If you still have hard time getting that relaxed look, think of something that makes you happy as you are bringing your head up or envision the camera as someone you love. That’s guaranteed to put a natural smile on your face and twinkle in your eye every time.

Get to know you.

Know exactly what colors look good on you and what makeup works best for you. As a general rule of thumb, don’t wear anything with bold patterns and remember to dress to flatter your figure. Pick a tone that works best for your skin. If you aren’t sure, try a couple different colors on. If you still aren’t sure, a neutral is everybody’s best friend. You’ll also want to remember that photos tend to make things more obvious. Make sure you don’t overdo your makeup otherwise you stand a good chance of looking overly made up or even clownish.


Strike a pose.

It may seem silly when you do it, but there is a reason celebs always look great in full body pictures. They know how to pose themselves. Just as turning your face slightly away from the camera will slim you, turning your body slightly away will have the same effect. Lean back slightly with one foot in front of the other and put a slight twist in your body.  This will give the illusion of both length and slimness. To keep from looking completely shapeless with arms just dangling, position your hand on your hip with your elbow slightly back and your shoulder slightly forward. This give the appearance of a well-defined waist and guarantee no unsightly “armpit bulge”.


Practice, practice, practice.

Want to know a top modeling secret? They practice and they practice a lot! They practice different expressions, poses and smiles. They take pictures of themselves and spend a lot of time in the mirror. There is absolutely nothing wrong with figuring out what look suits you best. You may be surprised to discover that you look best in a slight smile with no teeth showing. Or perhaps you are someone whose beauty is brought out in a full showing of your pearly whites. Whatever the case is, when you find it, stick with it!


The biggest and best tip is, confidence! If you feel confident, this will be evident in all the pictures you take. Embrace everything about yourself and be confident in who you are. Don’t be ashamed of your freckles or try to hide and uneven smile. By accepting these unique qualities in yourself, your confidence will shine through and the only thing people will notice, is how fabulous you look in all your pictures!

There you have it! 8 easy tips to make sure that you look picture perfect in every photo. So relax, smile and be prepared for everyone to ask you to be in their photo and what your secret is for being so photogenic.

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