Look Younger With The Right Cut and Color

Look younger just by changing your cut or color!

Humans as a whole are on the constant search for the fountain of youth. In 2012 we spent $114 BILLION on anti-aging products! We are injecting things into our faces, sleeping slathered in creams and going in for "just a little procedure" left and right. There is no denying that looking youthful is a priority in our culture. The good news is you don't always have to go to these extremes or break the bank to turn back the clock of time a couple of years. Here are some ways that just changing your hair can have a dramatic effect.

Bangs or Botox?

cameron Bangs Don't!
(Cameron Diaz)

Bangs Do! Bangs Do!
(Reese Witherspoon)

Soft side-swept bangs or bangs with a rounded edge will give you a younger appeal. Unless you're working out , try not to push your hair up off your forehead as it draws attention to any fine lines you may have and can create a harsh appearance.To keep your look young and fresh, your bangs should hit just between your eyebrows and your eyelashes and be piecy and soft for the best effect.

A heavy blunt bang can look a bit severe. Consult with your stylist to find a bang that suits you. Also, ask your stylist if they offer complimentary bang trims in between appointments to keep your bangs in control.

To Dye For!

lindsay-lohan-hair-8 26 or 46?
(Linday Lohan)

Color plays a huge role in the game of youthfulness. This is why it's a great idea to always consult with a professional to determine what is going to bring out your natural beauty. There are a lot of different choices when it comes to color, so what exactly will roll back the years? The first big don't is extremes: extremely bleached out or extremely dark monotone. Adding some caramel highlights into bleached out hair will instantly make you look younger by warming up your skin and youth is often portrayed with warm, rosy glowing skin. Monotone dark color overpowers and drains the life out of you, especially on fair skin. Ask your colorist for some nice face framing

Almost 50, looks 25!! Almost 50, looks 25!!
(Elizabeth Hurley)

highlights, 1 - 2 shades lighter than your natural color, where the sun would naturally hit. You'll also want to stay away from the color trends such as pastels and vibrants. It takes a very certain look/person to play off these colors well.

 By Style and Error

mena Stiff and Aged
(Mena Suvari)

anti-aging-elizabeth-banks-young Young and Loose
(Elizabeth Banks)

The last piece of the puzzle is your cut and style. Having the wrong cut or style can age you by decades! You never want to have an overly shaped hair style. Having stiff hair with no movement is a sure fire way to add years. Instead of "doing" your hair, think of "undoing" it. Loose waves in lieu of rigid taut curls are a great place to start as well as more of a shaggy cut as opposed to a very structured cut. The "lob" (long bob) with a center part and some loose curls is a style that is not only standing the test of time as a classic, but it's a look that fits a majority of women. The final step to pulling this all together is shine! Even with the perfect cut and color, if your tresses are dull it's not going to give the effect you're hoping for. Look for conditioning treatments, like Aveda's Botanical Therapy Deep Conditioning Treatment (available in Aveda salons only for $20) that add more shine than a color gloss. There are also great styling products out there like Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid that enhance shine.

So next time you're researching plastic surgeons, just pick up the phone and call your stylist instead!

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