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    The Making Of A Maximum FX Colorist

    Our color team is fantastic ( I may be a bit biased considering I direct our color education)! But seriously, if you took a look at our busy colorists' schedules you would understand that they know their craft and hone it daily. During the holiday season we were asked the question, " Why don't you hire more colorists to keep up with demand?" Well, prepare to be enlightened...The InterviewsWe have a lengthy interview process.

  • When you exfoliate, what are you putting down the drain?

    Exfoliating could cause serious harm to the environment! If you are a fan of exfoliants and scrubs please check your product labels. Some cosmetic  companies are using "microbeads" in their products to help consumers slough off dead flaky skin. Unfortunately, micro beads are made of PLASTIC!

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    Could a visit to the salon save your life?

    How a salon visit could save your life? I'm going to hazard a guess that you see your stylist more frequently than your dermatologist. If so, I want you to do a favor for me and yourself.

  • Interview With A Colorist

    What is a color consultation? A color consultation is a fifteen minute appointment ( often on a date before your hair color service) in which you and a colorist discuss your hair color goals. Why is it required?

  • Bobby Pins and a Sweet, Simple updo

    Yes you can just stick a bobby pin (or 20)  in your hair, but I am going to teach you a better way to use this little metal tool. Let's use a simple bun for our example. Smooth your hair back into a ponytail and secure with a hair elastic (preferably one without metal parts). We are going to refer to the hair elastic as our base.

  • What is a "toner" and why do I need one?

    Written by:  Erica Colon WHAT IS TONER?  Hair color used to enhance or neutralize colors exposed when lightening the hair. When a colorist uses Enlightener (Aveda's hair decolorizer), they are either breaking through old hair color or taking the hair lighter than they would be able to using any other product.

  • Sun and Water Aren't The Only Elements Damaging Your Hair

    By now you have probably heard the basic summer hair care rules. Wear a hat. Do regular deep conditioning treatment.

  • Salon Relaxation - It Really Is Okay To Give Us The Silent Treatment

    We're giving you the green light. Whether you had a craptacular day or just need a little peace, it's okay, we understand.  Don't feel like talking?

  • Free eBooks While Your Hair Color Processes

    Hello fellow book lovers. Since we are seeing more guests bringing their eReaders into the salon I thought I would share a money saving tip. Get a library card.

  • Will Someone Tell Me How Fabulous I Look In These Jeans?

    Clients are always asking me how I manage to be “on” every day at work, even when I’m feeling blah and despondent. This may get a bit touchy feely (so not my personality) but bear with me. So if I need to get out of a funk I give specific, genuine compliments.

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    4 ways to determine your skin's undertone and how it affects hair color

    Here is a quick guide to help you determine if your skin has cool or warm undertones and what hair colors work best with each. 1. In natural light, hold out your arm.

  • 3 Questions You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Ask Your Colorist

    By Erica Colon, Director Of Color Education 1. How much maintenance does this color require? If you can not commit to coming into the salon every four to six weeks, explain this to your colorist.

  • Maximum FX Summer Aveda Hair Tips from Javier and Erica

    Summer can be the cruelest season of all for hair--chlorine and UV from swimming and falling behind on regular trims (who has time when you're having fun?). We asked Javier Herrera, Owner and Cutting Educator, and Erica Colon, Color Educator for their top hair tips. How should girls prep hair for summer?

  • The Faces Of Maximum FX - Erica

    Behind every successful company is a team of amazing people!     In our first of many introductions, we'd like to introduce you to Erica.   Erica's hometown is Corpus Christi, Texas and she just celebrated five years at Maximum FX.