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    Should I dye my eyebrows?

    By: Jessica Morris - Color Specialist, South CongressHave you ever thought about dyeing your eyebrows? If you find you are penciling in your eyebrows everyday, or are starting to see some gray hairs in them, brow tinting may be for you. Your eyebrows are hair, and like the hair on your head, you get grays in them as you age. Sounds fun, right?

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    The Making Of A Maximum FX Colorist

    Our color team is fantastic ( I may be a bit biased considering I direct our color education)! But seriously, if you took a look at our busy colorists' schedules you would understand that they know their craft and hone it daily. During the holiday season we were asked the question, " Why don't you hire more colorists to keep up with demand?" Well, prepare to be enlightened...The InterviewsWe have a lengthy interview process.

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    Sublime Spirit Aveda Fall/Winter 2015 Collection


  • Bring Summer back to your hair with Balayage.

    The warm months in beautiful Austin are around the corner and what better way to celebrate the season than enhancing your natural haircolor, or the color you have been in love with for years and don’t want to deviate from?  Balayage is a quick and low maintenance way of updating your look, without completely changing it. It is a technique that produces an effect that is seamless and natural, and great for any hair type or color.Definition: Balayage is a French hair coloring technique.

  • Romantic Grandeur Fall/Winter 2014 Collection


  • Why do we love Aveda Color?

    Think about a dessert you love. For example, cake! You can buy it pre-made at your local grocery store, buy a box of cake mix, or you can make one from scratch.

  • Interested in Aveda Hair Color? Here's what you need to know.

    If you were considering running out and having your hair colored, before you do, you should seek good advice on hair color. While millions of people purchase over-the-counter color products to change the appearance of their hair, many of these products are causing significant damage. To get advice on hair color, start with your stylist.