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Lifestyle Changes That Will Improve Your Mental and Physical Health

By: Elise Morgan 

If you’re a fan of the hit Netflix show called “Queer Eye”, you will know that the first step in changing your life for the better is to start by loving yourself. We know that physical and mental health go hand in hand - to improve one is to improve the other. However, when one is ignored, we face putting the other in harm’s way.

If you want to change and improve your physical and mental health right now, adopt the Fab Five’s philosophy. Ask yourself: In what areas of life do I need to love myself more? Where am I short-changing myself? How can I make myself a priority again?

  • Add a Skin Care Regime

Healthy skin is important for reasons that go beyond our physical appearance. Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies. Truly healthy skin can regulate body temperature and bring vitamin D into our bodies, which builds strong bones and fuels other bodily functions. 

We know that when we don’t protect our skin or care for it properly, we can become dehydrated more quickly and even increase our risk of skin cancer. Establishing a doable skincare routine will help you to feel fresher and keep your skin in tip-top shape. Even the right three-step process can keep your skin healthy.

The first step: Cleanse in the morning and at night. The second step: Use a toner to balance the skin’s pH level. In the evening, exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells and reveal newer skin. The final step: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate with a good moisturizer - no matter your skin-type. And finally - don’t forget to wear sunscreen at all times, even when it’s cloudy.

  • Change Your Sleep Habits

As a whole, Americans don’t sleep well enough or long enough - 1/3 Americans are sleep deprived. Sleep allows our bodies and minds to slow down enough to repair themselves. When we toss and turn or wake up after only a few hours, we are prone to eat more, weigh more, and suffer more ailments like insomnia, sleep apnea or depression.

We obviously haven’t embraced this aspect of self-care when we consider the staggering statistic previously mentioned. We need to sleep more - sleeping at least 7 hours per day every single day will make us calmer, happier, healthier and more productive.

But how do we manage that with, say - three kids, two dogs and one demanding job?

We can start by taking sleep seriously. Turn off the sleep-killing blue light from your phone or tablet at least an hour before bedtime. Read a book to relax. Use soothing essential oils like lavender sachets in your pillow or in an oil diffuser to ease your body before bed.

Even if you do find yourself tossing and changing positions throughout the night, consider adapting your sleep environment to better suit your sleeping style to find that good night’s sleep that we are all needing.

  • Find Solitude

Research presented by the Science Policy group at Duke University discusses the value of sitting and working in complete silence for part of our day, every day. We are more productive and creative with fewer distractions and much less noise.

Our brain works every moment of the day. If we can eliminate sound, we’ve given ourselves a mental break from trying to block out traffic, the television, or our cubicle mate’s coughing. Grab those quiet moments when you wake up or when you wind down to bed to decompress and relax.

Demanding quiet time for yourself is simply another way of caring about your own mental and physical well-being. Making these three big changes will strengthen our bodies and make us more productive and better equipped to handle the ebb and flow of any given day.

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