Its a Beautiful thing!

Aveda Beautifying Oil

Today I would like to tell you about one of my favorite new products and one of the best-kept secrets in the beauty industry, Aveda Beautifying Oil.  Aveda Beautifying Oil is made from the finest natural ingredients, which include jojoba oil, vitamin E, and lavender. Beautifying Oil is used to seal in skin’s essential moisture in order to produce beautiful skin that is irritation free and soft to the touch. Aveda’s Beautifying Oil has innumerable uses however, I apply it to my skin after I shower, before I cleanse my face, and even place a few drops on my scalp and run it through my hair during the harsh dry months of the year. And as an added benefit, Aveda Beautifying Oil smells sensational too. Aveda hasn’t left men out either, as Beautifying Oil is an excellent addition to daily shaving. It can be used pre-shave to enhance the smooth glide of your razor blade or after a shave to reduce skin irritation. Keep in mind, because it is made by Aveda, you can be certain that it is free from harmful chemicals, harsh ingredients, and is as good and safe for your skin as it is for the environment.

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