Interview With A Colorist

What is a color consultation?

A color consultation is a fifteen minute appointment ( often on a date before your hair color service) in which you and a colorist discuss your hair color goals.

ConsultationWhy is it required?

We want to make sure you and the colorist have ample time to discuss the color you desire.

We want to ensure the appointment is booked correctly so the colorist has enough time to do the correct color application.

We want to clearly map out the color process and cost for you. We will fill out a price quote sheet so you know exactly what your bill will be when you get your color done.

Who has to have a color consultation?

We require a color consultation for any new guest to our salon. I also recommend calling and scheduling a consultation if you are an existing guest wanting a dramatic color change.

What's in it for you?

You get to interview us! Most guests I talk to say that choosing a new colorist is almost as stressful as choosing a new doctor. So this is where you have a chance to talk to your colorist about any concerns you might have, budget or maintenance limitations, at home care, etc. The best part is that the consultation is complimentary and you can book your color appointment directly after or schedule it at a later date.

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