“Improving Lives is a Gift.” Aveda Holiday 2011

Aveda Holiday 2011 Photo: Aveda

Last year, Aveda brought you “Gifts Bright with Hope” by partnering with communities protecting the rainforest for its 2010 Holiday Collection. The holiday gift sets included native tagua nuts hair bands. These tagua nuts became the largest fair trade, sustainably harvested, rainforest product exported in Colombia’s history. They also helped 400 families build a better future and worked to preserve 400 acres of rainforest.

This year, Aveda brings you the story of a partnership with communities in Nepal with “Improving Lives is a Gift.”

Have you seen the beautifully hand-crafted, sustainably sourced, green paper wrapped around all of our holiday gift sets? It began as bark from a lokta tree, was then beaded and cooked into a pulp mixture, dried by the sun and dyed with non-toxic pigments. This papermaking industry has employed 3,800 people in the Himalayas of Nepal, 80% of whom are women.

When you purchase an Aveda holiday gift set, you are helping in a decade long mission to aid the nation of Nepal. According to a press release by Aveda, this partnership has helped “empower Napali communities to develop a sustainable business, keep Napali families intact, support the art of papermaking and reverse local deforestation.”

Watch this video to find out more about the papermaking process, the benefits of this partnership and the women Aveda is helping to support, like Guma Pun, 23.

The women of Nepal helped bring you this year's Aveda holiday gift sets. Photo: Aveda

Aveda Holiday 2011: The Story of Nepal

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