I'm Engaged - What NOW?! A Salon FAQ for Brides


As Maximum FX's wedding planner I have a lot of brides ask me a lot of questions!  Here are a few of the most common questions brides have about their wedding hair, skin, and makeup.

When should I call to make my appointment?

Every salon is different but here at MFX many of our Saturday appointments are taken even 3 months in advance.  I suggest taking care of hair and makeup appointments early on in your planning.  Scheduling about 4-6 months in advance ensures that you will get the time of day and stylists you want for your wedding.  Planning in advance is especially important if you have a large wedding party or want us to come offsite.  If you wait too long your bridesmaids might have to come in at varying times making planning pictures and luncheons more difficult.

Should I have a trial run?

Some brides want to opt out of the trial run in order to save money.  Here at MFX we require a trial run for every bride.  Some brides wonder why we do this. Your hair and makeup will be immortalized in photographs for the rest of your life! The last thing you want is to look back and say "I hated my hair."  A trial run ensures that the style or makeup you receive on your special day is the style you dreamed about.  Here at MFX we allot 2 full hours for a wedding hair trial run allowing your stylist to style, rework, and adjust until everything is perfect.

When should I have my trial run?

We recommend scheduling your trial run anywhere from two weeks to a month before the wedding. This ensures that your hair will not change drastically from the trial appointment to the wedding day.  If you would like to speak with your stylist before the trial run we offer a complimentary consultation where you and your stylist can discuss ideas, look at pictures, and make plans.

When should I color and cut my hair?

Of course brides want to have fresh color and a fresh haircut before their wedding.  If you are cutting your hair make sure you do it BEFORE your trial run appointment.  If you cut a significant amount of length off or add a bunch of layers this will significantly effect how your hair will style.  We suggest coloring your hair about a week before the wedding.  This is not the time to experiment!   If you have been considering changing your look dramatically make sure you have plenty of time to adjust your color just in case cherry red is not for you!

When should I get a wax?

Everyone's skin is different.  We all know that for a fact!  If you are used to getting waxes you might be able to schedule something a few days before your wedding. If you do not normally get waxed our esthetician recommends doing something a week or two before your wedding.  That way if you have any reactions to the wax your skin has time to calm down.  If you use Retin-A or another medication for acne consult with your dermatologist before waxing.   Many of these medications can make your skin more delicate and sensitive.

Should I get a facial before my big day?

Many brides will schedule a facial appointment before their big day.  A facial can brighten your face and a facial with steam included can help clean clogged pores.  That being said, many times a facial will bring pimples hiding under the skin to the surface.  Make sure your have plenty of time in between your facial and wedding day for your face to calm down, especially if you would like extractions.  I would suggest two weeks.  Our esthetician suggests starting monthly facials 6 months before the big day.  That way your skin will be healthy and glowing by the time the big day gets here.  Facials are not only for the face. Ask about our essential back treatment to help clear up any unwanted acne on your back.

Should I wash my hair before I go to the salon?

Freshly washed hair does not style the best.  We usually suggest coming to the salon with "day old" hair.  If you feel like your hair is really oily wash it the night before your wedding.  The extra oils help the hair hold the style.  Freshly washed hair is very slick and will often slip out of bobby pins.  If you have bangs you can always wash them in the morning but leave the rest of your hair alone.

Leigh Ellington
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