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I have fine hair and I am worried putting layers in will make it look finer. What should I do?

By: Caroline Hubbard

Fine hair will do better with layers, in most cases, and here’s why:

1.       Layers will give your hair more lift. When your hair is entirely one length, it is weighed down and heavy, no matter how fine it is. While this is good for someone who wants more of a smooth and sleek look, it will make it impossible for you to get any volume. With layers (and a little bit of product and the right round brush) you can get much more height.

2.       Movement! Whether you round brush your hair, flat iron it, or let it do its own thing, layers will give you more texture and movement. If you air dry and feel like your hair just hangs, then layers would be the right way to go. If you use a curling iron and your curls just fall to the ends, layers would help lift that curl up and give it some texture.

3.       Layers will not necessarily make fine hair look finer. There are so many ways to cut layers, and there are so many options for those of us with less hair to work with. You can do something longer and subtler if your hair is past your shoulders and keep your bulk at the ends. If your hair is shoulder length or above, you can have shorter layers that will make your hair look fuller.

I have finer shoulder length hair with quite a few layers and I love them. I can round brush it at home for some easy volume, I can wear it natural with some movement, and I can curl it for some natural looking waves that don’t fall out after an hour. Talk to your stylist! They can offer you recommendations based on your styling routines and hair texture, and they can also teach you an entirely new styling routine. Do not be afraid to ask questions! We love to answer them.

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