How to get the hottest fall make-up trends using Aveda

New Aveda Fall Make-up

Fall 2010 make-up trends include everything from bold, red lips to rosy, pink cheeks. To get the hottest looks in fall make-up, add these Aveda cosmetics to your make-up bag.

  1. Bold, red lips. Every shade from bright red to deep crimson is popping up, which means there is a color for everyone.  Tips for application? Choose the best shade for your skin tone, first apply a pencil base to prevent bleeding and add a clear gloss to the middle of your lips for a little shine! To get red lips, use Nourish-MintTM Smoothing Lip Color in Cherrybud, $15, or Uruku Lip Pigment in Maracuja, $15.
  2. The “smokey eye” is back! Only this fall season, instead of strictly using black, try gunmetal or deep blue eye shadows as well. You can even use a shadow with glitter for a fun bonus. Try Petal EssenceTM Eye Color Trio in Black Tulip, $22.
  3. Nude lips are on almost every runway. To pull off this hot trend for everyday wear without looking like a zombie, make sure to choose a nude shade with a little shine or a pink undertone. You can get nude lips by Aveda with Nourish-MintTM Smoothing Lip Color in Sun, $15, or Nourish-MintTM Sheer Mineral Lip Color in Sheer Clover, $15.
  4. Rosy, pink cheeks. Ditch your bronzer and replace it with blush. Also, instead of just applying it to the apples of your cheeks, apply it up the cheekbone as well. Get rosy cheeks with Petal EssenceTM Face Accents in Rose Blossom, $22.50.
  5. Strong brows. To fake it, fill brows in using a pencil that closely matches your brows and follow-up with brow powder. Always fill in from the bottom to avoid brows which appear too boxy. To help fill in your brows, use Petal EssenceTM Eye Definer in Cacao or Sepia, $14, and set it with powder from your favorite brow-matching eye shadow, like Petal EssenceTM Eye Color Trio in Golden Jasper or Gobi Sands, $22.

    Check back soon for fall’s hottest hair trends!

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