How often should I exfoliate my face and body?

Facial and body exfoliation...we all know how important it is, but how, and how often do we all actually do it??

skin care, body care, exfoliating, maximum fx, austin, aveda, maximum fx salonFor face, all skin types can benefit year round from exfoliating. It's a great way to treat break outs, wrinkles, and that rough, ashy texture. The results are often noticed after the first application. It is best to use less pressure in a circular motion for less time than most people typically use. Scrubbing gently for ninety seconds will renew and smooth the skin more than using hard pressure for thirty. Your lips are an area that is almost always forgotten, with the same exfoliant, gently scrub your lips to remove the dead skin cells. Always remember to moisturize the face and lips after exfoliating because you want to rehydrate the skin to replenish the moisture.

For body, exfoliating can be invigorating because it can awaken the senses along with removing the dead, itchy skin. You want to make sure you are using a separate exfoliant for the body because the sugar or salt scrub is too harsh for the face. Using the same time and pressure for the face will produce the same smooth effects on the body, and always moisturize the skin.

Exfoliating once or twice a week will leave your skin feeling renewed and hydrated throughout the year!

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