How often do I really NEED to come into the salon?

By:  Melinda Perez & Jessica Morris

Sticking to a schedule for your hair maintenance can be confusing... every person is different! We've put together a guideline for haircuts and haircolor that should help unravel the mystery.

Pixie Cut / Men's Hair - 4-6 weeks.  Ok, ladies and gentlemen, short cuts need lots of lovin' from your stylist.  Around 4 weeks your hair will start looking and feeling thicker (its growing). If you're lucky your salon offers a complimentary clean-up (MFX does) and this will help you cut stay nice and clean around the edges.

Medium Length / Bob - 4-6 weeks.  The beautiful classy bob, how I love theeeee.  So the beauty of the bob is a balance of weight and a nice clean hairline, if yours is that short.  If you let your hair continue to grow you will be attacked by the evil flip, so careful out there.


Layered / Long Hair - 6-8 weeks.   Layers help you achieve volume and allow hair to move around. The flowy, blended or fun and choppy will start just laying around if you don't visit your stylist to get trimmed and lightened up.

Rapunzel / Mermaid / Extra Long Hair - 8-12 weeks. OK, OK, I know you want long, pretty hair and you don't want a scissor-happy stylist to cut it all off.  If you don't treat yourself to regular haircuts it will break off anyway.  Long hair takes a beating; not only because it's been on your head for years, but also because it gets curled, flat-ironed, crimped (We know there's some "crimpers" out there) and let's not forget the hair bands and headbands that hold every hair back and out of your face... that over time break or pull out your hair (be gentle, be gentle).  Visit your stylist for a baby trim so that your hair will look and feel healthy and continue to grow.

Highlights - 6-8 weeks. The more highlighted your hair, the sooner you'll need to come back for maintenance. Mega-blondes should lean closer to the 6 week mark, and those of you with just a few subtle strands of color blended in with your natural color can stretch it out to 2 months.


All Over Color - 3-6 weeks. All over color that is covering gray will usually require a 3 week new growth touch up, or at the most a 6 week touch up. All over color that is more than 2 shades lighter or darker than your natural color will require maintenance no later than 6 weeks. If you're within a shade or two of your natural color, you may be able to stretch it out a little bit longer.

"Bleach" Blonde - 3-5 weeks. You will get bands of orange in your hair if you go longer than 5 weeks for those platinum all-over blondes. 3 to 4 weeks is ideal - there is enough new growth to keep from your colorist from overlapping (which = breakage) but not so much that it'll turn into corrective color every time.

Lowlights - 8 - 10 weeks. Lowlights require much less maintenance than highlights, because they generally fade a couple of shades lighter as time goes on, and blend into your natural hair. Lowlights are an excellent way to blend gray hair for those people who find it hard to come into the salon every 6 weeks.

Don't fit into one of the above categories? Ask us a question or leave a comment below!

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