"How long have we been around?" and many more simple MFX Q's answered!

You trust us with your hair and your skin, and you probably even divulge some of your biggest secrets to your stylist sometimes (don’t worry, our lips are sealed!)… But how much do you know about the salon where you spend about 45 minutes every 6 weeks? Here you’ll find the answers to five of the most basic, most-asked questions by our clients, both old and new:

“How long has MFX been here?”

MFX opened its doors in 1991 on Guadalupe Street by Jacalyn Luth. In 2002, MFX’s current owners, Javier Herrera and Chris Murphy, opened the South Congress location with Circle C following in 2006, and we’ve been “keeping Austin beautiful” ever since!

“How many people work for this company?”

We are a small, tight-knit family, usually consisting of between 25-40 members. We laugh, we cry, we bicker, and we do it all together… and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Do you only use Aveda products?”

For skin and hair care – yes. Aveda partners with salons that “share [their] vision and respect for the Earth, passion for the best creative and technical work, and nurturing, high-touch care.” We support this mission so entirely that we only feature Aveda for skin and hair care (plus, when a product is so amazing, why try anything else?). We do, however, feature OPI nail color (SoCo only), as well as seasonal or otherwise temporary inventory of other products, such as jewelry by local designers or clothing by indigenous tribes.

“Why did I get SoCo/Circle C if I called my specific location’s phone number?”

We do have separate phone numbers for each physical location, but we have our phone lines set up so that the lines ring at each location simultaneously. This allows our Guest Care Coordinators to not only answer your call more quickly, especially during high traffic times, but they are also equipped to edit appointment and client information for both salons. Just another way we implement our core value of “teamwork!”

“How hard is it to get an appointment?”

Like many businesses, we do have our high volume times (some Saturdays may book out weeks in advance… and around the holidays, some clients start booking in October!). BUT, we always do our best to make sure you get the first appointment available at a time that work best for you. We also make sure we give you every opportunity possible to get an appointment; we provide chairside pre-booking with every appointment, send our e-mail-list clients last minute appointment spots and also have a running wait list for any day that’s booked solid, in case there is a last minute cancellation.

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