How can I blowdry my hair like you do?

The one thing I hear more often then not is; "I love the way you style my hair! I wish I could make it look like this at home." Well I'm here to offer a few tips to help make that wish come true! Having the right tools will make all this difference in the world. For starters you will need these things:

          *  A blow dryer

          *  The right size brush


Round Brush Sizes

Brushes and Brush Sizes

There are small, med, large, and extra large round brushes. The size of the brush will depend on your hair length.

Use a small round brush for short sassy styles like pixy cuts and short layers. Use a medium round brush for chin length bobs to collarbone lengths. Use a large round brush for longer layered hair past the shoulder, and an extra large round brush for hair past the middle of the back usually very long layers to one length. A paddle brush will work well for hair that is this length as well.


Blow Dryers

Over the past 10 years dryers have come a long way, so what  is a good one and how do you know? You'll want to look for the keywords tourmaline and ion. Tourmaline is known as the “electric stone” 21211because when heated, it emits negative ions and healthy infrared heat. Negative ions speed up drying by breaking water droplets into smaller molecules that are absorbed into the cuticle, retaining healthy moisture. At the same time, they cancel static and seal the cuticle, reducing frizz and enhancing shine. You can find these types of dryers in the price range of 90$-150$. A really good place to look would be the online Amazon marketplace. Keep in mind that if you want a salon quality tool you may have to put out a little bit more money! My Favorite Dryer is the Featherweight dryer by T3! This dryer is a 200+ dryer but it can be found on amazon for around $100. Conventional dryers use wattage, damaging heat and hurricane-like velocity to dry hair.

You may wonder what the nozzle is for, well let me share this with you.  The nozzle of the dryer is to help push the air out in a large cone to dry a large section of hair at optimal heat. Without the nozzle the air comes out of the dryer at all angles and is less focused. The air will be cooler than it would with the nozzle attached.

For more information on purchasing a blowdryer please read our previous blog.

Part 2 will be posted next week, I will be going over how to get a smooth shiny look with Aveda's Smooth Infusion Style Prep and Glossing Straightener. See ya then!

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