How can I blow dry my hair like you? Part II

Sometimes it seems like an going battle every morning, trying to style your hair the way it looked at the salon.  In part one of this blog we went over the tools you need to create that perfect style. Now I'm going to walk you through how to create a smooth, frizz free finish with some of our awesome Aveda products.

Styling Products

Having the right styling products for your look will insure that your style lasts all day.

Smooth Style PrepSmooth Infusion Style-Prep

  • Makes styling faster, easier
  • Exclusive plant infusion-a blend derived from organic aloe, maize and guar bean-creates a smooth surface on hair
  • Organic tapioca defends against humidity for up to 12 hours
  • Hydrolized wheat protein protects against surface damage from heat styling



SI09_05_r4_crop_LoresSmooth Infusion Glossing Straightener 

  •  All-day straightness and shine.
  • Exclusive blend of plant-derived cellulose, wheat, organic aloe, maize and guar bean
  • Natural cellulose delivers long-lasting hold to maintain a straight style all day
  • Hydrolized wheat protein protects the cuticle from heat damage caused by hot styling tools
  • Aroma features a fresh yet spicy citrus-floral blend with rose oil and certified organic bergamot, palmarosa and Australian sandalwood

Walking through the Style

Start with your hair damp and add no more than a pearl size amount of each product for medium length hair and a dime size for long hair past the shoulder. Mix together in the palm of your hand, apply  starting past the lobe of the ear to the ends of the hair till product is evenly saturated, what ever is left in your hands add this to the top of the head but not on the scalp area or it will cause the hair to fall flat with no body. Comb through.

Take your dryer and start to power dry until the hair is almost dry but not quite. Now section. Using both hands take your thumbs just above the eye brows to the back part of the head or the crown and use a clip to secure.  Do the same at the mid point of the ear to the back. Secure this section with a clip, now you should have three sections of hair; two secured and one left down.  Take your brush of choice, starting from the middle of the hair section and follow the brush with your dryer, you should be making a C like movement. Do this 2-3 times now roll the ends of your hair up onto the brush no more than 3-4 inches, you don't want to get all tangled up! Add some heat to the brush and let it cool for a short while.  Repeat on the other side.

FS12338comp_r7_crop1_LoresLetting the Brush cool on the ends of the hair will help to close the cuticle adding shine and setting in the bend or the curl.

Drop the next section and repeat the steps above.

At the top of the crown this is were we want the VOLUME! Section the hair according to your hair's part. What you want to do here is pull the hair off base. What I mean by that is to pull the hair opposite of the way it will fall this will help you add volume, to decrease volume do not over direct the hair, dry the hair in a straight downward motion.

For the fringe (bangs) take a small section, just what you want to wear around the face, and dry in a downward motion toward the nose with a slight turn of the brush (TIP) Always use your fingers to roll the brush not your wrist! Using your wrist will just hurt.

Keep the brush as close to the scalp with no lifting or you will have a floppy wall of fringe that you will hate.  Keep it soft! Now take your hand and roll all of your fringe on to the brush and over direct opposite of part add heat for a few seconds  then let cool for a few seconds.  That's it! Remember to always let the brush cool on the hair this will help to and shine and bend.

I hope this has helped you! Remember don't let the dryer defeat you! I've had a lot of practice and this did not come to me over night it took me many times to get it perfect! Practice does make perfect!

Good Luck!


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