Help send relief to the Nepali People

Shivaram Shrestha, known by his friends as Shiv, is married with an infant son. He loves to golf, is fortunately very skilled at the sport and is the top member of the Nepal Golf Association (NGA). He has trained with his friend and Austin local, Aaron Bergman, in Nepal, Thailand and the United States. After his most recent training with Aaron in Austin, he returned to Nepal to become the first Napli golfer to qualify for an Asian Tour event.

Just one week ago, Shiv, his immediate, extended and golf family among thousands of other Nepali locals were displaced when the Nepal Greater Earthquake struck, the most powerful Nepali disaster since 1934. “Nepal says 6,204 people are known to have died in the 7.8-magnitude quake and 13,932 were injured,” according to BBC News. Some of the displaced have set up camp across the NGA fairways – their new, and currently only, “home” consisting of makeshift tents.

"90% of the houses in the villages outside of Kathmandu are finished. In (a nearby village), there were 200 houses and now only one is standing,” says Sumod Bastakoti, a local Kathmandu businessman. “People have no homes to sleep in. Nepali people are suffering so badly. We are making bathrooms, because disease will become a problem. Yesterday, we delivered food, water and tents to so many people. A group of us hired two (water) tankers to distribute water. Today I will go to a village (50 km outside of Kathmandu) and bring food, tents, and water."

According to a recent press release, Aveda, longtime Nepal supporter, “responded immediately to this devastating news and has directed a $20,000 grant via Global Greengrants Grants Fund to provide urgently-needed disaster relief funding to support ANSAB (Asian Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources) who is on the ground in Nepal.”

This grant will go towards the $415 million “flash appeal” made by the United Nations on Wednesday to provide disaster relief to Nepal. However, as of this morning, only $5.8 million (1.4%) in funding is confirmed.

At Maximum FX, we are taking Aveda’s lead and joining in on fundraising efforts to provide support to Nepal. There are two ways you can help:

· Donate directly to the Nepal Earthquake Relief – NGA via GoFundMe, set up and orchestrated by Aaron Bergman.

Originally created to benefit Shivaram directly, this fund will now go directly to the Nepal Golf Association and be distributed locally for rebuilding efforts. Aaron says:

“Originally, I set up this fund to help my friend Shivaram Shrestha and his family as they try to put the pieces back together in the aftermath of the Nepal earthquake. After I told Shivaram about the fund, he was insistent that there were many others who could benefit from the donations. He is adamant that the money serve a larger group.”

Leaders of the NGA are extremely influential in Kathmandu and have a great pulse for the type of help and action most needed. The money from the relief fund will be directly and immediately used for food, shelter, water – which is becoming more and more scarce – and helping families rebuild after this terrible disaster.

Of the support already coming in (which has surpassed the original goal of $2,000), Bastakoti is already very grateful: "Thank you so much, thank you so very much. Nepali people need so much help. We are working so hard to reach the people that are suffering. We are worried about the people in the villages."

· Donate to the Global Greengrants Grants Fund. These gifts will “help people who have lost everything as they stabilize and rebuild their lives. Donations will be sent to the Kathmandu-based Asia Network for Sustainable Agriculture and Bioresources to support recovery efforts in Kathmandu and surrounding small communities.”

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” - Dalai Lama

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