Help! I just had the worst brow wax of my life! Now what?

eyebrows, eyebrow wax, bad eyebrow wax, maximum fx, mfx salon, maximumfxI know first hand of that experience...we've all had a bad brow wax at some point in our lives, and it's very upsetting and frustrating. It also makes you wary of just anybody waxing them again. First of all, I recommend that you do some brow wax research in your city. Look online or ask coworkers, friends or even the gal at your favorite place to shop, eat or get coffee. Most people would love to share their favorite Aesthetician story with you.

In all honesty, it can take a few months for the hair to grow back unless the same area has been waxed for  several years. My recommendation in the meantime is to buy a brow kit that includes a shadow, pomade and an angled brow brush to fill in the area that was over-waxed. You can pick one of these up at Ulta or Sephora. It will probably take a little time to get used to starkness of the shape but you may actually like the look.

eyebrow wax, eyebrow, eyebrows, maximum fx, mfx salon, maximum fxNow for some advice about finding the right technician. As I mentioned earlier, do your research, and find someone that you are willing to trust. Make sure the technician hands you a mirror and has a brief consultation about frequency of waxing/tweezing, challenges, concerns and or overall desired outcome. It's perfectly ok to bring in an old photo, or pre brow wax disaster to give the technician an idea of your desired brow shape. Bringing in photos of celebrities is okay, but let's be honest. Who doesn't want Megan Fox's or Angelina's brows? In some cases, this can be accomplished, but in many cases it can't. Sometimes we just gotta work with what we have...

There is a brow wax technican out there for everyone, it just takes a little work finding him or her!

Best of luck and as always, I welcome any brow wax questions you might have!

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