Help! I have curly hair and I need a haircut.

You can have a successful haircut and you can recreate the look at home—and yes I mean you with the curly hair.  A successful haircut always begins with a productive consultation that includes both you and your stylist’s input.

curlyYour stylist will need to determine how often you wear your hair curly because this will help them decide on a cutting technique.  If you wear it curly 100% of the time, cutting the hair dry is optimal when your curl pattern is average to tight.  So defining your curl pattern is also important, having a looser curl pattern makes you more suited for a wet cut.  Additionally, any concerns with flatness, inconsistent curls, or overall hair health should be discussed.  Your stylist can make cutting recommendations on how to make your style fuller in certain areas and calmer in others.  And if your hair concerns are curly motivated leave the salon with it styled curly; many of us consider it a treat to have a blowout when we go into the salon for our cuts, however, the stylist is not given the chance to see if their cutting techniques fully addressed your concerns and does not give them an opportunity to perfect the style with additional cutting and shaping once the hair is dry.  Based on your hair type/density, style and curl pattern your stylist will select the appropriate products for you and apply them prior to diffusing your hair.  Additionally, depending on your curl pattern a twisting technique may be applied prior to drying.  Ideally the hair should be dried 100%, however, those with a higher propensity for frizz may be dried to only 75-80% dry to help control the frizz factor.

All too often clients with curly hair become frustrated when they cannot recreate their salon finish at home.  Most stylists would agree the #1 problem lies with product usage.  Curly hair craves moisture and control and without the right products that are specifically created for those purposes, you will most likely not be able to recreate the look.  Ask your stylist for recommendations if they do not proactively offer options.  Keep in mind if you have fine hair, lighter products are more suited for you versus heavier oil-based products that are more suited for courser hair.  Also, your foundational products will be your shampoo and conditioner and should meet all your hair needs.  Once products are selected you will want to dry the hair with the diffuser attachment on your blow dryer.

solia-dryer-diffuser-350x350Drying Tips:

  1. Twist the curls away from your face in 1 inch sections working from the bottom to the top of the head; twist away from the head and let the curls drop
  2. Diffuse the hair slowly on low power and medium/high heat; its best to diffuse with the head cocked left or right or flipped over
  3. Gently fill diffuser with hair and take it up to the scalp
  4. Get the root dry, this will provide you with volume
  5. Avoid pumping the diffuser, this will make the hair bigger and frizzier
  6. Dry completely

Styling Tips:

  1. Don’t use water to reactivate curls—use a reactivation product such as Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Enhancing Hairspray or Brilliant Damage Control
  2. Try a different look on the second day—try brushing out the curl and curling with a large barrel curling iron to create beach waves
  3. Use products appropriate to your hair type:

    1. Use Aveda’s Phomollient if you hair is fine and lacks volume
    2. Use Aveda’s Be Curly Style Prep if you have frizzy hair
    3. Use Aveda’s Be Curly Curl Controller to loosen tight curls
    4. Use Aveda’s Brilliant Retexturizing Gel if you have course hair
    5. Use Aveda’s Brilliant Pomades to define curls or repel humidity
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