Meet Heather

•Job Title: Hair Color Specialist Apprentice at Circle C Ranch

•Hometown:  Orlando, FL

•School:  Academy of Hair Design; Austin, TX

•What I'm looking forward to in the next year: Completing my apprenticeship, evolving and bettering myself and my craft and enjoying days off at the Greenbelt with my puppy.

My favorite part of the job Connecting with clients and making them smile!

•Favorite color technique:  I love all color but if I had to choose, i'd say color blocking.

•What attracted me to the industry:  The artistic appeal and the difference you can make in peoples lives.


•Little known facts about me:  I know how to use power tools and have even used a chainsaw!  I am the baby of my family and the only girl.  I've had my hair every color in the rainbow and I love to ride my bike!