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  • Dry Shampoo Recipes!

    By:  Erinn Cain Since I had so many people enjoy my dry shampoo post I thought I would share a few recipes with everyone. If you have any you use and enjoy please share with us. Have fun creating your own and getting a few extra minutes sleep!

  • Does Aveda make a Dry Shampoo?

    Working in the salon industry as long as I have, I have picked up some great "tricks of the trade" over the years. One of my favorite secrets to share with my clients is the wonderful impact of something as simple as DRY SHAMPOO!!! While Aveda is my favorite and primary product line I go to, they do not carry a dry shampoo.

  • Do I really HAVE to use products in my hair?

    Occasionally, our stylists will get asked to style their guest's hair without using any styling products. It may be that they feel their hair gets too “greasy” looking, or it weighs their hair down, or they just don’t like the “feel” of their hair with product in it. We asked our expert stylists to weigh in on this issue.

  • Help! I'm trying to grow out my hair.

    Alright ladies, I’ve had a lot of clients wanting to grow their hair out so I thought it would be helpful to write up some tips on what to do while growing your hair out. The most important thing to consider is to take care of your hair. There is nothing worse than long damaged hair.

  • 5 Reasons to clean your makeup brushes and how to do it.

    By Erinn Cain, Color Specialist, South Congress location Alright ladies let’s be honest, professional makeup brushes are an investment. And, like any other investment, we want a great return on that investment. To make sure that will happen you must take care of your brushes.

  • Headmapping™: Helping salons and clients care for the environment

    Hair Color Expert Erica Colon applies hair color using the Headmapping technique With the increasing evidence of environmental damage shown by higher temperatures, a depleting o-zone layer and the disappearance of certain plants and animals, it is more urgent than ever for businesses to take steps to protect the environment in order to preserve it. Headmapping™ is the salon and beauty industry's solution to conserving color waste as it allows salons, like Maximum FX, to reduce waste and make a c...

  • Is it okay to bring pictures with me to the salon?

    By: Erinn Cain, Color Specialist, South Congress location Wanting a change but you don’t know where to start? Coming prepared to your appointment when wanting a change always helps. Before visiting the salon, browse web and/or magazines and select pictures that you like and don’t like.