Hair Protection 101 - Style Prep

While I love being a loyal Aveda junkie, I wanted to share my knowledge on my very favorite must have product; Smooth Infusion Style Prep.

The majority of people out there expose their hair to damaging heat components such as blow dryers, hair straighteners, curling irons etc. on a regular basis. Unfortunately these handy styling tools don’t come with a warning regarding the long term damage they can bestow on our luscious locks! Heat damage can be just as severe as chemical damage leading finally to hair breakage. Even being out in the sun can have this effect. This is where style prep makes all the difference. Just apply one or two pumps of style prep to your damp hair starting at the ends and work your way up, making sure to distribute evenly. After treating your hair to the exclusive plant infusion blend derived from organic aloe, maize and guar bean, feel free to add any additional products your hair is craving.  For thick/coarse hair, apply product before bed. This helps maximize smoothness and helps prevent excess volume in the morning.

You wouldn’t expose your skin to high and harsh temperatures without the protection of sunscreen, your hair is precious and fragile! With the daily wear and tear we put our hair through it is imperative to always use a thermal protector before exposing it to harsh heat.

I’ve been exploring and trying different products and lines for 13 years now and I can attest without a shadow of a doubt that smooth infusion style prep is the best thermal protector and hair smoother that I have found thus far!

An added bonus:

  • Your Bottle will last you twice as long as most other thermal protectors, remember with all the work Aveda does to ensure every product is infused to the fullest; a little goes a long way!

  • Once you apply it before your blow dry, no need to reapply before another heating service, such as a curling iron!

  • Organic tapioca defends against humidity for up to 12 hours!

  • Great for ALL hair types!

  • Leaves hair smooth and ultra soft after each use!

So now you all know about my must have Aveda product.   I hope to see you all walking around with amazing, healthy hair!

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