Green beauty tips for Earth Day 2011!

You don't have to just celebrate Earth Day together... Make it last all month! Or year! 

According to, a site for environmental news, commentary and advice, Austin is the 15th most green city in the world. We thrive on harnessing solar energy and preserving nature through parks and recreation. Central Market and Whole Foods are staples for most people’s pantries and refrigerators, filling them with organic everything. We reduce, reuse and recycle.

But can we say the same about our beauty routines?

Do you turn the water off while you brush your teeth? Wash your face? How about shave your legs? I would bet most of us (I’m guilty too!) use disposable face wipes at night or at the gym. And even more of us probably blow-dry our hair at least three days a week.

Just as solar energy, natural preservation and recycling help to protect our environment, so does refining our beauty regimens. How?

First things first: TURN OFF THE WATER! Brushing your teeth, washing your face, applying your make-up- turn it off. Even when you shave your legs, if you turn the water off, the steam will still keep your legs moist enough to get the job done (and using just enough water to rinse your razor will save buckets- literally!). Also, see about investing in a low-flow showerhead for an even better option. Then, ditch the face wipes- they clog up landfills. Finally, it would take two trees ten years to absorb the carbon dioxide you create from blow-drying ten minutes a day for just one year. Instead, use a towel to soak up excess water, and then air-dry hair almost completely before blow-drying to cut down hairdryer time… or skip it all together! Your hair and the earth will thank you.

Aveda is not only Austin's #1 beauty care company, but the FIRST EVER to offset 100% of its electricity with wind power!

Next, choose Aveda every time. As a city, Austin has already chosen Aveda as their number one beauty product, according to Rare magazine. Not only is Aveda a natural company, but they are also the first to offset 100% of its electricity with wind power and is the largest purchaser of organic ingredients in the world.

Other eco-friendly beauty tips?

Invest in a reusable razor- 2 BILLION plastic ones are dumped every year!

Use multi-purpose make-up, like blush that works on your cheeks AND eyes. Only one product=less packaging and transportation. Try  Aveda’s Petal EssenceTM Face Accents in Apricot Whisper or Rose Blossom, $22.50.

Always unplug after use! The straightener you leave plugged-in 24/7 is still using electricity even when it’s off.

Apply your makeup with your fingers and avoid using cotton swabs and disposable sponges (and adding more waste to landfills!).

Recycle your cosmetic bottles!

DIY! You’ll cut down on manufacturing wastes, packaging and transportation pollutants. Here’s a hair mask to try: Take three eggs and your favorite essential oil to mask the smell (Try Aveda’s Rose Absolute, $26) and whip them together. Apply the mixture to your hair from the ears down for 15-30 minutes. Rinse with clarifying shampoo (repeat if necessary). Do this twice a week for shiny, smooth hair!

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