Go PINK! DIY How-To Guide from a Professional.


As a hair colorist for MFX SoCo, I have quite a bit of freedom with my own hairstyle. I usually keep it pretty conservative, except for now and then I'll throw in some pink. It's my most sought after shade, and it fades away super fast, so when my clients ask for PINK, I usually have to tell them they'll need to come back in every few weeks to redo it, or I'll send them home with instructions to do touch-ups themselves. For people who want multiple shades of pink, peach, or lavender, you'll need a professional who can paint them in for you. If you're going for an all over pink (or peach, or lavender), you can DIY it at home by following these steps.



I started out with my natural color and some old blonde highlights. You might say "ombre". My first step is deciding if I wanted "all over" color or highlights of pink with my natural color mixed in. There are pros and cons to both, and I chose the highlight route so that I could go longer in between bleaching appointments.

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Second step is to bleach your hair! Here is where you will need a professional. Your hair must either be foiled/balayage or "all over" bleached. I can't in good conscience recommend that you try this at home. Your hair will need to be lifted to very pale yellow for pink/peach or white for lavender.

*** I would be happy to schedule a complimentary color consultation with you if you are in the Austin area. Call the salon at 512-472-3331 ***PhotoGrid_1389994253585

Ignore the face, please. This is the "after" shot when the foils were removed. You can see my hair is much blonder, but not white. If I were going for a pale pastel pink or a lavender/gray color, it would need to be bleached a little lighter.


You can find all kinds of fun colors at your local beauty supply store, and my favorite for the last 15 years  or so has been Manic Panic (I like Cotton Candy Pink). They now have a "Pastel-izer" that you can mix with the color of your choice to make it a lighter pastel shade. Follow the directions on the container; you'll need to start with freshly shampooed dry hair, and divide your hair into four sections using plastic clips. Pour your color into a plastic bowl and mix in however much Pastel-izer that you want to soften the color. If your hair was bleached white, I'd recommend putting equal parts (one jar of pink and one jar of Pastel-izer). Apply the color to each section of your head, and comb it all through at the end. Put on a plastic cap and go find something to do for 30-60 minutes.


I ended up doing the above mixture of one jar PINK and one jar Pastel-izer, and it was a bit too pastel for me. I put on another round of just Pink for 30 more minutes, and this is the result. It will slowly wash out every time I shampoo my hair, and eventually go back to the blonde from before. When it's time to refresh the color, I can follow these same steps to get back to pink!

Was this helpful to you? Do you have any questions for me? Ask in the comments!

Thanks, Jessica

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