Getting Back To Your Natural Hair Color

Maybe this is you…

“I have been coloring my grays for years, and I think it’s time to let it go gray!”

“I’m tired of being blonde, I want to go back to my natural brown!”

“I dyed my hair black from a box at the grocery store – now what?”

First of all, I highly recommend scheduling a complimentary color consultation with one of our color specialists. These appointments take under 15 minutes and can answer your questions in detail.

gray hair color, hair color, aveda, austin, beauty, south austin, maximum fxIn the meantime, I can talk a little about your options! In the gray hair situation, you really can go gray gracefully. Depending on the color of your dyed hair, you can switch to doing lowlights or highlights instead of an all over color. This process covers some of your grays, but leaves some to grow in. Each time you come to the salon, your colorist can put in fewer and fewer lowlights/highlights, until most of your hair is gray. You may want to continue to do a few blended lowlights/highlights, with a glaze, every few months to enhance your natural color.

For you blondes going darker, you have some options as well, depending on how quickly you want to go back to dark. For instant gratification, you can do an all over brown, which usually takes two steps or more (on the same day). For a more gradual approach, you can get lowlights (one or two darker colors) and tone down the remaining blonde with a glaze. This gives you a lighter brown or darker blonde effect. If you choose this route, you can go darker on your next salon visit if you like, or if you change your mind and want to go back lighter again, your colorist will have an easier time than if you went with the first option.

Box color from the grocery store going back lighter: you might not like what I have to say… This is by far the most challenging feat for your colorist. I take that back, box HENNA from the health food store is the hardest: that’s the stuff that gives me nightmares. You’ll need to endure strand tests, porosity tests, possible breakage from highlights or color correcting, and may need a serious haircut to get your hair to look healthy. I usually give an estimate of 6 months to a year to correct this color, depending on how many times you’ve dyed your hair, what product you’ve used, if your hair had damage before, etc. In other words, please don’t try this at home. If you’re already in this situation, there are options for you, but we’ll need a thorough consultation before we can come up with a game plan.

Let me know your color questions! Call me at MFX SoCo anytime: 512-472-3331 or leave a comment below…

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