Four brushes you must have in your bathroom

You’ve been trying for days to recreate the same style you got at the salon. You’ve bought all the same products, spent hours in front of the mirror and still can’t make it look right. One small change could make a HUGE difference – your hair brush.

Having the correct tool is just as important as the getting the right product and having the right technique. You wouldn’t use Brilliant products on thin, flat hair to create volume, would you? So, why are you still using a paddle brush instead of a round brush for lift? It’s the same concept.

Read on the find out which brush will give you the style you’re looking for, and get ready to make the switch to excellent at-home style.

Round brush – Round brushes come in various sizes and are usually metal or ceramic, which makes them excellent heat conductors. Want curls? Use a small round brush. Large ones are used to give you volume and lift. Large round brushes can also be used to straighten hair and add a bevel (rounded ends) on curly or thick hair.



Paddle brush – Paddle brushes are wide and flat brushes with bristles that generally massage the scalp. This can help to stimulate hair follicles and distribute natural oils throughout the hair. These brushes are used for smoothing and straightening the hair, and are not the best brush to use for volume. If you choose a round brush to straighten, the paddle brush can be a good finishing tool for you to smooth hair.




Mason Pearson- Mason Pearson brushes are handcrafted, thus not mass produced. They are great for straightening the hair, and “grabbing” the hair in order to smooth out any unwanted kinks. They are also helpful in smoothing out ponytails for upstyling. Made with boar bristles, these brushes help distribute scalp oils throughout the hair shaft, giving it shine. There are three types of Mason Pearson brushes and each is designed for a specific type of hair: Boar Bristle tufts, for fine to normal hair; Boart Bristle & Nylon tufts, for normal to thick hair; Nylon tufts, for especially thick hair.

Denman- Known as the “hairdressers’ brush,” is an anti-static, half-rounded, rubber-based brush with smooth rounded nylon quills. These brushes are especially good for drying precision haircuts (think: Rihanna). The staggered positioning of the nylon quills allows for excellent grip and control for maintaining tension of the hair while styling. These brushes are also good to use to curl ends under, or flip them out.

MFX stylists will always walk you through your blowdry by demonstrating product usage, helpful techniques and correct tool selection, but if you ever have a question, just let us know and we’d be happy to help!

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