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Fall Look Guide

The fall season is by far my favorite; the deep colors, sweaters, scarfs, and boots are what makes this season.  I also love to start wearing darker shades of eye shadow, lipstick, and blush during this season to go along with those deep colors.  Does anyone else match their makeup to their outfit? I do.  So first I picked more subdued eye colors because I want the lips to be the main focus of this look. The eye shadow colors are great for a more neutral daytime wear, along with the blush color.  The blanket scarf has a great pop of red and so I did the same with the make up.  I also paired up a neutral lip glaze to top off the red to dull it down just a tad and give a great gloss sheen to complete the look.  This outfit and make up look is great for a comfy day around town when you still want to look cute!


Aveda Makeup Look:

3.Blush:  Plum Touch

1.Eye Shadow Trio:  Copper Haze

2.Single Shadow:  Spark

4.Eyeliner:  Cacao

7.Lip Glaze:  Bronze Blaze

5.Colorless Lip Liner

6.Lip Color:  Cherry Bud



FAll and Winter Fashion Guide for Southern States Texas

This is such a comfy/cozy look!  The make up is light and natural for the days when you don't want to wear a lot.  Everything is in a brown neutral hue nothing is overpowering.  The eye-shadow trio is one of my go-to's for the days when you don't want to put a ton of thought into your make-up! Just simplistic. Neutral lipstick is essential for me if you haven't tried it you need too! There are so many kinds too; pink neutral's, brown neutral's, peachy neutral's, so find the one that's perfect for you! This look is great for coffee dates with friends, shopping, and strolls around the pumpkin patch.


Aveda Makeup Look: 

1.Blush:  Plum Touch
2.Eye Shadow Trio:  Gobi Sands
3.Shadow Single:  Aurora
4.Eyeliner:  Cacao
5.Lip Color:  Fossil
6.Lip Glaze:  Desert Earth
7.Colorless Lip Liner



FAll and Winter Fashion Guide for Southern States Texas

This is my favorite fall look! Dark jewel tones of green, red, and violet are my favorite. This is such a good eye-shadow trio if you have brown, hazel, or green eyes.  The violet undertones will do wonders for you!  This make-up look is for the days when you want to wear darker make up and make your eyes pop. On those gloomy weather days!  Whether your going out or staying in this outfit is great; it's universal.  Grab a cup of coffee and be sultry in this look!

Aveda Makeup Look

1.Blush:  Tesserae
2.Eye Shadow Trio:  Plum Mist
3.Single Shadow:  Aura
4.Eyeliner:  Cacao
5.Lip Glaze:  Spiced Plum
6.Colorless Lip Liner
7.Lip Color:  Hot Pepper


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