When you exfoliate, what are you putting down the drain?

Exfoliating could cause serious harm to the environment! 

If you are a fan of exfoliants and scrubs please check your product labels. Some cosmetic  companies are using "microbeads" in their products to help consumers slough off dead flaky skin. Unfortunately, micro beads are made of PLASTIC! These plastic beads are so small that they slip right through water treatment facility filters and into watersheds. Once in our water supply, microbeads (made of polyethylene or polypropylene) tend to soak up any toxins around them. Now think like a fish. You're swimming around the ocean getting a bit peckish and you're surrounded by all these toxic plastic microbeads. Unfortunately, your fishy brain only sees food and you gobble them up. Now the toxic plastic microbeads ( used to sloth off someone's dead skin cells) are in our food supply chain. Ew!So next time you are choosing an exfoliant or scrub check the label. Polypropylene and polyethylene microbeads should not be going down our drains.


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