Earth Day is almost here!


On April 22nd we will celebrate Earth Day, a whole day dedicated to the planet we live on and making sure we keep it clean, sustainable and healthy!  Here at MFX, one day for the Earth is not enough.  We take the entire month of April to raise money and awareness for our most precious resource, water.

 All month we will be selling Aveda Earth Month Candles, which benefit Global Green Grants Fund.  (Hurry supplies are limited!) These candles are sustainable soy wax and feature a fragrance of ginger lilly and ginger.  However, the best part is that the full $12 goes directly towards Global Green Grants Fund.  One candle can provide clean water for a family of 6 for 6 months!  Wow!

All three locations are also taking donations for two amazing organizations, the Lower Mississippi River Keeper and Gulf Restoration Network.  These organizations patrol the waters of the Gulf and Mississippi doing everything from testing water samples, protecting wildlife, and helping to prosecute companies that dump illegally into these waterways. 

Click on the links below to learn more about these three amazing organizations and stop in to your local MFX and make a donation. The Earth will thank you.

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