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Does my moisturizer need a primer?

The secrets of skin care regimens in Asia are treatment lotions. Where they are known as essences, softening lotions, conditioning lotions or watery lotions. Light yet powerful, these formulas rehydrate, re-plump and restore lost nutrients.... and now you can unlock that secret on your own skin! 

The hydrating treatment lotion, Aveda's newest product from our botanical kinetics line, is light yet powerful and aids your skin in absorbing more moisture. Featuring an aroma blend of rose and certified organic German camomile and eucalyptus.

How does it work you ask?

Step 1: exfoliate/cleanse and tone with your regular products.

Step 2: apply BK hydrating treatment lotion with your fingertips and gently press it into the skin to stimulate circulation and enhance absorption. Follow by applying your favorite moisturizer.

The botanical kinetics hydrating treatment lotion works like this: think of when you apply moisturizer to dry skin. It usually sits on top and doesn't penetrate. But once you exfoliate and replenish your skin with hydration, it's able to absorb anything you put on it. Basically it is a primer for your moisturizer.

Best of all, it's suitable for all skin types, even oil prone skin! It also layers effortlessly so you don't feel like you have layers and layers of product on.

Stop on in to your favorite MFX location and try it out and pick one up today!

-Nikki Hodgkins, Stylist & Makeup Artist Circle C Ranch

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