Does Aveda make a Dry Shampoo?

Working in the salon industry as long as I have, I have picked up some great "tricks of the trade" over the years. One of my favorite secrets to share with my clients is the wonderful impact of something as simple as DRY SHAMPOO!!! While Aveda is my favorite and primary product line I go to, they do not carry a dry shampoo. I went on a mission to find one that would work for me. I am a natural blonde with long hair and a two year old. The luxury of freshly shampooed hair is not something I am currently able to experience on a regular basis. Hoping in the shower for me requires speed and agility to get clean enough while having a little one standing outside pounding on the shower door requesting attention, saying things like "what you doing Momma???".

types-of-flour.s600x600I have tried every dry shampoo I could find in various stores, ranging from salon to drug store brands, and some of them are just downright pricey. The two types of dry shampoo that I found to work the best are baby powder or making your own. I know what you are thinking, how the heck do I make my own dry shampoo? It is easier than you might think. Simply blend together some cornstarch and any essential oils you like (some have more medicinal properties to address any scalp issues you might have, such as tea tree oil, and some can be used to add a fragrance that you like). It's that simple. Think this will only work for blondes? Nope. If you have darker hair simply add a little cocoa powder to your mixture and VOILA there you have it. Now all you have to do is to apply it to your scalp and hair. Sprinkle some of your mixture into your hands and flip your head over and rub at the root area and gently brush through so its evenly distributed. That is the secret to making your own all natural dry shampoo that won't break the bank. We  at Maximum FX would love to hear from you about any dry shampoo tricks you may have, so let us know your tips!
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