Do I really HAVE to use products in my hair?

Occasionally, our stylists will get asked to style their guest's hair without using any styling products. It may be that they feel their hair gets too “greasy” looking, or it weighs their hair down, or they just don’t like the “feel” of their hair with product in it. We asked our expert stylists to weigh in on this issue.

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Erinn – “First I would ask why they don’t want to use product. If it’s because they think their hair gets too greasy, I’d say to keep the product off of the root area. If she says it’s because products don’t work on her hair, I’d say we need to find the right ones for her hair type. Maybe she just needs tips on how to cocktail different products and apply them properly.”

Jessica – “For color-treated hair, you MUST use a damage/color protectant on your hair before blowdrying/heat-styling or you can kiss that $200 dye-job goodbye. I understand if a guest is allergic to a certain product, but there are plenty of others out there to try. Being vegan, I won’t use hair products containing animal ingredients, but Aveda makes so many vegan products, that this isn’t really an issue.”

Melinda – “Small amounts of product can make a big difference – in protecting the hair and giving you a more polished look. If your fear is weighing down the hair, it might be an issue of too much product or using the wrong product. Ask your stylist what they recommend. It’s most important to protect the hair from sun and heat damage – even if you wear your hair more natural.”

Kady – “I would ask her what she didn’t like about products, whether it was greasiness, dryness, weighing it down… Applying products on the ends first and then working your way up helps. If her hair feels too dry after using products, she might be using the wrong shampoo and conditioner. If the product doesn’t work like it says it should, try applying it from the underneath to the top in smaller sections.”

We hope that helps! Ask your hair product questions in the comments below!

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