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Could a visit to the salon save your life?

How a salon visit could save your life?

I'm going to hazard a guess that you see your stylist more frequently than your dermatologist. If so, I want you to do a favor for me and yourself. Next time you visit the salon ask your stylist to inform you of any moles or freckles on your scalp.

Shouldn't stylists be doing this already??? YES, but hear me out.

Stylists want you to leave the salon feeling beautiful, pampered, and rejuvenated. Combine those feelings with a conversation about the odd mole on the back of your head and we all know which of these things doesn't belong. So be proactive and tell your stylist you WANT to know where the moles and freckles exist on your head. Now your stylist has permission to point out your imperfections and monitor any unusual changes, and you know what to point out to your dermatologist on your next visit.

Erica Colon - Color Educator & Specialist Maximum FX Circle C

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