Congratulations Jordan On Your 2 Year Anniversary!

Behind every successful company is a team of amazing people.     Meet Jordan!   Jordan's hometown is Brownwood, Texas deep in the heart of Central Texas!  Jordan is an Aveda Color Specialist and works out of our South Congress location.  She just celebrated her two year anniversary at Maximum FX.  Wow how times flies!   If  you've never met Jordan, she's the one with the million dollar smile, that can color like a mad woman, and you'll never catch her in a bad mood.   We asked Jordan a few questions so that you could get to know her better, and here's what she had to say:

1)  Why did you choose to join this industry?

I love being around people, and  I love when guests trust my opinions and creativity when coloring their hair.

2)  What is your favorite part of your job?

Just getting to interact with our guests and seeing their look transform into something different.  What I especially love is making people feel good about themselves.

3)  What do you like to do for fun outside of work?

I love to dance!  I love being creative.

4)  What motivates you?

When I get positive feedback, and when I'm in a fun atmosphere.  Smiling faces.  Continuing education.

5)  Who is your favorite celebrity and why?

I would have to say Michael Jackson.  He worked so hard for what he wanted and made it to the top!

6)  What attracted you to Maximum FX?

To begin, I must confess, I did a Google search for Aveda salons in South Austin and Maximum FX was the first salon that popped up.  I scheduled a tour, met some of the team members and the rest is history.   I fell in love Maximum FX.

7)  What advice would you give someone who's thinking about making a career in the salon/spa industry?

To never give up even when you are apprenticing and going through that beast of a learning curve.  There's a lot to learn when you graduate from school.  In fact, the real learning just begins after your graduate.  Don't be intimidated by the tidal wave of new information.   Soak it up, and be patient.   It all comes together in the end.

8) What is your favorite Aveda product and why?

Emollient finishing gloss.  I can't live without it!  It smooths down my huge thick fro that I have and it helps prevent split ends.  A side bonus is that it smells amazing!

9) Who has had the greatest influence on your career and why?

My teammate Jessica Morris.  She was my color educator when I was an apprentice.   She encouraged me to keep going, even when I wanted to give up at times.   She's such a great teacher and mentor.  She's taught me everything.    She inspires me to be the best colorist I can be.

10)  Share one thing interesting about yourself that people typically don't know about you.

I've been dancing since I was 5 years old and haven't stopped since!    Many people think that I'm a very shy, soft-spoken girl, but I'm really not.  I take crazy hip hop classes, and when the music starts, my blood starts pumpin'!

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