Certified Organic Multi-Functional Aromas Have Arrived!

Discover with Intelligent Nutrients the stimulating and calming benefits of this blend of certified organic essential oils and flavors to soothe, purify, condition and refresh. Complete with therapeutic de-stress, at-home treatments and techniques.

Uncommon scents.  Fresh from the field -- never synthetic -- and ready to use just about everywhere.

Bring each of your seven vibrational zones back into balance with our Certified Organic Aromatics.  Choose one or combine.  Set a mood or change one.


  • Made from the most active parts of plants for exquisitely sensual and functional benefits
  • Works with your body chemistry to soothe, attract, stimulate, deodorize, refresh and keep energy flowing freely
  • Free of phthalates, synthetics and petrochemicals

  • Lightly scent hair and body
  • Use on hair to add shine and aroma to any hair type
  • Purify and refresh your personal space

To learn more about these wonderful aromas and pricing click here.

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