Celebrate Spring Break in Style



Aveda's new limited edition spring collection, Rare Bloom, is spring in a nutshell.



Warm floral tones with plenty of pop make the makeup for this collection a no-brainer. The eye shadows range from a beautiful, barely there warm shimmer (rose gold) to a rich-as-velvet deep purple (indigo sky).





However, everyone's favorite part of this collection seems to be the lip colors. Having played with them myself, I love the mix-and-match versatility. Magentas, petal pinks, and fiery reds all come together in endless combinations, all of which seem to be magically made for each other. You can't go wrong with a pop of color for your eyes either, with tidepool, a wonderful seafoam-y eyeliner. A touch of it under your eyes with your normal eye makeup goes a long way towards warming up for spring.

In short, the new collection is warm and wonderful. Come in to see us at any MFX location and let us introduce you to Rare Bloom!

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