Bring Summer back to your hair with Balayage.

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The warm months in beautiful Austin are around the corner and what better way to celebrate the season than enhancing your natural haircolor, or the color you have been in love with for years and don’t want to deviate from?  Balayage is a quick and low maintenance way of updating your look, without completely changing it. It is a technique that produces an effect that is seamless and natural, and great for any hair type or color.

Definition: Balayage is a French hair coloring technique. It's a freehand technique where the hair color is applied by hand sweeping for a more natural effect.

The balayage technique varies slightly from colorist to colorist, but is one that does not require foil and instead is painted freehand on the hair.  It is more subtle and blended at the root and increases in vibrance toward the ends of the hair. It differs from a traditional ombre in that there is still a good amount of natural hair and definition through the mid-shaft and ends of the hair, and in certain areas goes all the way to the root. It is a more subtle effect than an ombre.  The balayage technique is completely customized to each guests hair cut, and hair pattern, taking into account where the hair falls, and moves.

Balayage is a “technique”, not necessarily a “service” on our menu. If you would like to book one with Maximum FX, come in for a free 15min consultation previous to your service.  Ask to book a full highlight and a color tone, and let our guest care team know that this will be a balayage application so they can best fit you with one of our Color Specialists. It is also important to take your haircut into consideration.  If you will be getting a routine trim then you can get your cut before or after the color service. If you will be taking off a considerable amount of length, or taking your layers up a substantial amount, it is very important to consult with one of our haircut specialists, and get the haircut prior to your color service because the placement of the balayage is customized to where your hair falls.

Here is a balayage I did this week on one of my guests who wanted to enhance her natural color.


Balyage Austin Salon AvedaBalyage Austin Salon AvedaBalyage Austin Salon AvedaBalyage Austin Salon Aveda


Come in and see us to get your hair color ready for some fun in the sun!

-Samantha Jarvis

Color Specialist with Maximum FX Domain

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