Bridging the gap between stylist lingo and salon client communication.

By: Whitney LaBrecque, Circle C Ranch location

You're doing WHAT to my hair?  It's happened to everyone. You try to explain to your stylist exactly how you want your hair to be cut and he/she turns around and starts speaking to you in what sounds like a foreign language. Terms like "a-line", "blending" and "graduated" go in one ear and come out the other. Then you end up leaving with a completely different haircut than you had anticipated. Below is some haircutting vocabulary to help bridge the language barrier between you and your stylist. I hope this mini-guide helps you in achieving your next haircut without any miscommunications.

  • A-line: hair is shorter in back and longer in front.
  • Blunt cut: hair is cut so that it is all one length.
  • Blending: technique used to connect layers in the hair.
  • Disconnection: extreme length differences that are unblended.
  • Graduated: also known as "stacked", layers in hair appear to be stacked on top of one another.
  • Pixie: ultra short hairstyle.
  • Slide cutting: technique used to remove bulk without changing the shape of the haircut.
  • Undercutting: underneath layers are cut slightly shorter to encourage the above layers to curl under.
  • Layers: create movement and volume in hair by releasing weight.
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