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Box Color to Blonde: How to Maintain Health while Lightening

By: Gregory Polley

Here at Maximum FX our team of colorists don’t just strive to give you the best color, we also focus on keeping your hair healthy! We pride ourselves on giving you realistic expectations and recommending the best way to get the color you want without “frying” your hair.

Dark hair that has been box dyed is no stranger to the salon. When summer creeps up and it’s time to lighten up that dark color, we make sure to give you a heads up that maybe we can’t achieve that platinum the first go around. Instead of lightening the hair multiple times in one sitting, which ultimately leads to breakage and very damaged hair, we will recommend coming in over the course of a few months to slowly lighten the hair. By giving your hair time to rest (and doing those fantastic protein treatments in between), we can give you the color you want without compromising the integrity of the hair! Depending on how dark the hair is and how light we want to go, we generally recommend at least two-three appointments. However, all box color reacts differently, so you may be pleasantly surprised with how light it gets the first go around!

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