Bobby Pins and a Sweet, Simple updo

Bobby PinsYes you can just stick a bobby pin (or 20)  in your hair, but I am going to teach you a better way to use this little metal tool. Let's use a simple bun for our example.

Smooth your hair back into a ponytail and secure with a hair elastic (preferably one without metal parts). We are going to refer to the hair elastic as our base. Now twist your ponytail and wrap around the base. Hold the bobby pin between your thumb and pointer finger with the longer, smooth side facing towards you (your other hand should be holding the bun in place). Reach up and use the longer end of the bobby pin to "hook" some hair on the outer edge of your bun, then pull up and over tucking your pin into the base. Ta-da! This should eliminate the need to use 50 bobby pins and half a can of hairspray. Good Luck Ladies!

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