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    All you need is Love

    I'm in the mood for LOVE LOVE is Aveda's newest composition oil for your body, bath, hair & scalp.  The "love" aroma was originally created in 1980 by Aveda's founder Horst Rechelbacher (1941-2014).  His inspiration for the aromatic oil was the ancient Greek concept that love can be felt in 4 dimensions--SPIRITUAL, FAMILIAL, PLATONIC & EROTIC. LOVE'S sensual aroma is a blend of certified organic botanicals that was inspired by the original, and is a tribute to Horst who revolut...

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    YES! Aveda has a dry shampoo!

    Dirty Hair?  Clean it up!Ever wished you could revitalize your hair without the whole shampoo process?  With Aveda's new dry shampoo from  Shampure, your wish has come true.  The powder formula will leave your hair looking and smelling freshly shampooed. The non-aerosol powder mist is 99.8% naturally derived; natural powders, including cassava and oat, absorb any excess oils you produce and lifts them away from the hair; and the calming Shampure aroma with 25 pure flower...

  • 2014's Fall Hair Trends

    Let's talk color first.  This fall be prepared to see the extreme ends of the color spectrum—literally—the coolest platinum blonde and the warmest brunette are on trend.  If blonde is your ambition, be sure to choose a shade of blonde that compliments your coloring and the blonder the better.

  • Am I too old for long hair?

    It is remarkable how many times I've been asked by my female clients, "Am I too old for long hair?"  or "At what age do I go to a short cut?"  Well the answer is there is no defining age when a woman should cut off her hair and your age should not define your hair length.  What I tell my clients is that they should feel comfortable with the length of their hair; that their hair style should flatter them and enhance their natural beauty; and that at any length they need to be able ...

  • 2013's Biggest Fall Hair Trends

    PONY'S, BANGS & VOLUME Fashion ponys are all the trend this fall.  Where them low at the nape with lots of volume at the crown, and pieces falling around the face.  Break out those teasing combs and hairspray to get the look just right, think Brigitte Bardot ponytail.

  • Why Men Should Know Salons Are NOT For Women Only

    There seems to be some stigma associated with men attending salons; so I'm here to tell you it is totally acceptable for men to go to a salon to get their hair cut.  Stylists are trained in all aspects of hair including men's cuts, and men deserve the same attention to hair as their counterparts.  In my experience men often have haircutting needs that cannot be met by their current discount haircut providers.

  • 10 Summer Haircare Tips

    Summer proof your hair with Aveda's 3-part defense and recovery Sun Care line created to cleanse, restore and protect your hair.  The hair and body cleanser removes chlorine, salt, and build up; the after-sun hair masque restores weakened hair by moisturizing with natural oils; and the protective hair veil  forms an invisible water-resistent screen to help protect hair from UV exposure for up to 16 hours, to minimize color fadage, damage, and dryness. Lessen your blowdryer usage, a...

  • 100 Years of the Most Sought After Hairstyles

    There have always been "trendsetters" when it comes to hairstyles and over the last 100 years there are several women easily identified with their eras as the "trendsetter".  These women not only made style contributions; but in some cases made political and social statements, as well as crossed societal divisions. 1920's - It was the jazz age, the roaring 20's, and women were making a social statement after breaking off from the rigid Victorian way of life.

  • MFX Perks

    Team MFX's goal everyday is to be your "daymaker"; we believe in always going above and beyond our client's expectations.  Knowing our philosophy revolves around our clients, its easy to understand why we have several programs dedicated to rewarding our clients for their patronage to our salon. Aveda Pure Privilege -- This program allows you to earn points when you purchase Aveda products that can later be traded in for merchandise or prizes.

  • WANTED: Curling Iron...but which one???

    Its a little known fact that curling irons have been around for over 100 years; we can thank a Frenchman, Marcel Grateu, who in 1875 developed the technique of using irons for waving and curling the hair.  Modern day curling irons have evolved into countless variations of wands, irons, straighteners, crimpers, and wavers, so which one should you use? While on the hunt for your ideal curling iron its important to decide what kind of curl you ultimately want to wear, this will help you d...

  • Help! I have curly hair and I need a haircut.

    You can have a successful haircut and you can recreate the look at home—and yes I mean you with the curly hair.  A successful haircut always begins with a productive consultation that includes both you and your stylist’s input. Your stylist will need to determine how often you wear your hair curly because this will help them decide on a cutting technique.  If you wear it curly 100% of the time, cutting the hair dry is optimal when your curl pattern is average to tight.  So definin...

  • 10 Superfoods For Healthier Skin & Hair

    Caring for your hair isn't always about what you use on it to make it stronger and shinier; what goes into our bodies also directly impacts the health of our skin and hair.  So it should not come as any surprise that healthy hair like anything else that concerns our bodies starts with good nutrition.  Listed below are ten superfoods that can aid in your quest for healthier skin and hair, try incorporating some of these superfoods into your diets. Blueberries were ranked number one in a...

  • To Bang......Or Not To Bang? The secrets to having beautiful fringe.

      Candy Guerra - Cutting Specialist, Circle C Ranch As a stylist one of the most commonly asked questions I receive is, "Should I get bangs?"  You would think there was an easy answer, but that is simply not the case.  There are several things to consider when deciding to bang. The three most important in my opinion are: Maintenance – bangs are high maintenance Life style – how will bangs effect everyday activities Face shape – what bang style will be most flattering Bangs a...