Behind the Scenes: 2013 Catwalk for Water Hair Show

Written By:  Whitney Labrecque

What goes into a runway production with four hair models?

  1. concept meetings
  2. model search
  3. wardrobe
  4. hair
  5. makeup
  6. music
  7. trial runs (hair/makeup/wardrobe)


Once a concept or theme is agreed upon by the hair team, the model search begins. The models' hair generally determines a look or hair design. We often look for models willing to cut and color their hair in support of the overall concept. Model searches can be complicated because we ideally prefer a diverse group for interest sake.


When it comes to wardrobe sometimes we are fortunate enough to work with local designers, or if the concept requires it we may create our own costumes.

The trial runs are where we really pinpoint the hair, makeup and wardrobe. The team determines what works best for which model to ensure a smooth run the day of the event.

The creative teams generally splits up into two teams the day of the event -- makeup and hair. Other members of the salon team will also participate and help the creative team with prepping hair, makeup, wardrobe, the day of the event.

Final touches are made minutes before the models walk. Weeks of preparation and close to 50 hours of hard work explodes onto the stage for a 5 minute extravaganza. This is where we get to see all of our hard work come to life on the runway.


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