Be Curly™ Style-Prep™: “Hello Curls. Farewell Frizz.”

Aveda's be curly™ style-prep™ will combat frizz while moisturizing and defining your curls. Photo:

For any girl with curls who loves her smooth infusion™ style-prep™, but still wishes there was something better to use on her curly days, the wait is over and be curly™ style-prep™ is here! Aveda has now created and introduced this prepping product into their salons and the stylists of MFX are ecstatic. This excellent product adds moisture and curl definition by sealing the cuticle and taming frizz all day long. Containing a wheat protein complex, this style-prep™ expands and attaches to curls when wet, and contracts and enhances curl when dry. Also a detangler and breakage-protector, this product is a little bit of everything, all-in-one!

To implement this styling product into your beauty regime, use daily on damp hair after be curly™ shampoo and conditioner. Use one to two pumps on short hair, three to four on long. Work product through hair, and comb through to ensure even distribution. Next, pair be curly™ style-prep™ with be curly™ curl enhancer™ to enhance curls, add shine and combat frizz. Be curly™ style-prep™ is so versatile, it can even be used on non-shampoo days to reactivate curls. To do this, dampen your hair and apply the style-prep™ as usual before air-drying or drying with a diffuser.

Follow Aveda's "Prep, Style, Finish" techniques using the be curly™ system. Photo: www.Aveda.comFollow Aveda's 'Prep, Style, Finish' techniques using the be curly™ system. Photo:

Still want more tips for styling your curly hair? Try the "twist and lift" technique that Aveda Global Creative Director, Antoinette Beenders, uses on her clients. First, follow all wash and prepping steps using the be curly™ system. Next, twist sections of the hair together. Only twisting sections near the front of the head will help enhance face-framing curls in a time crunch. Next, either flip hair over or lean head back, and blow-dry hair using a diffuser. The combination of these two techniques help to add body and enhance curl.

For more information about be curly™ style-prep™, the "twist and lift" technique, or any of the other items be curly™ system, visit Aveda's offical website.

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